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Zapgen Programmable frequency generator 1Hz-999kHZ

Zapgen Technical Specifications

ZAPGEN is a small, battery-operated generator, which generates precise, digital sinus frequencies in the range of 1 Hz – 999 kHz.
This allows a targeted fighting of viruses, bacteria and fungi through the correct frequencies, f.e. according to Rife, Beck or Dr. Clark, all scientists who are responsible for making frequency generating internationally well-known. This device which is easy to operate enables the user to store up to 50 frequencies as one programme, and then to retrieve them by a single touch of the button.

* Maximum output voltage 12 V, can be varied continuous from 5% (ca. 0.24 V) to 100% (ca. 12 V)
* Adjustable auto power-off after 1-9 minutes
* Optical and acousatical function control (for sufficient contact & current flow)
* Check of battery level
* Dimensions (ca.) 110 mm x 60 mm x 22 mm

In addition, the device offers a wobble-function which counteracts minor frequency fluctuations regarding parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Experience shows that the accuracy of zapping is increased by wobbling and the integration of the adjacent frequencies in the range of ±3% is sufficient.

More internet info and frequency lists for Zapgen

There are many sites on internet with frequencies for zapper/zapgen devices.
We can recommend (without any warranty) for example these:

Extent of delivery of Zapgen :

1 ZapGen
2 hand-held electrodes from polished brass (gold plated)
1 high-quality 9V branded battery (alkaline)
1 case with moulded lining made of plastic foam

The Device is officially approved in Europe as a medical product of the class IIa.

Attention! Persons wearing a cardio stimulator and pregnant women should not use this device !

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Hulda Clark Zappers -- Bloedzapper Bob Beck -- Natriumbicarbonaat -- Prebiotica -- Colonlife -- Colloidaal Zilver -- LCD Minizapper -- Colonlife Kanker is een schimmel is een boek geschreven door Dr Simoncini ISBN 88-87-24108-2