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Officially approved as Medical Device of Class IIA


The American bio-physicist and physiologist Dr. Hulda R. Clark has, in the course of many years of intensive research, established interesting correlations between parasites, solvents and numerous diseases. She describes how everybody can reconstitute his health with the help of her body cleansing program and the Zapper, designed by herself.

The Zapper uses a pulsed square wave signal. According to the findings of Dr. Clark herself and of numerous medical doctors and nature doctors, the Zapper can kill, weaken or reduce substantially the number of parasites, bacteria, viruses, worms, liver flukes and fungi in the body. Compared to the relatively simple circuit of the Clark Zapper, our device has been essentially improved, while grading the functional principle.


* The device is microprocessor-controlled. Please note that the pulsed square wave frequency of the Zapper does not correspond to the low tension of microprocessors but is increased to appr. 9 Volt (current of the compound battery) in order to obtain a maximum effect.
* The frequency of the produced pulse (square waves) is not uniform as with other products, but is constantly varied. According to experience, this results in a larger, more efficient bandwidth. A total of 26 frequencies with a range of appr. 10 kHz up to 41 kHz is produced.
* The device is operated by one button only (switch on/off, switch-off also automatically when time-controlled)
* After the first key touch, the ready status is indicated by a green monitoring light. The actual function starts when the electrodes are picked up and held in each hand. The green light now starts blinking. It is an effective control to show that the circuit is closed. This would f.e. not be the case if the cable were damaged or if the hands were too dry.
* Very sensitive persons can regulate the voltage level at the output by reducing it (infinitely variable) by appr. 2% to 100%.
* The duration of the treatment is time-controlled, switch-off takes place automatically, indicated by an acoustic signal.
* Automatic switch-off (delayed) in case the electrodes are put down.
* Continuous control of the battery voltage.
* In case of a short circuit of the electrodes, the device switches off automatically with an alarm signal.
* In this way, a spontaneous discharging of the battery is prevented.
* Recommended is a commercial off the shelf compound battery (alkaline).
* Optical and acoustic control of the function.
* Plastic case with matching, wear-resistant lining (no Styrofoam…) for storage and safe transport of the device.
* Gold plated electrodes can be supplied to persons who are sensitive to brass. Gold plated electrodes do not darken in colour, as it is the case with uncoated brass.

Recommendations for Hulda Clark Zappers

Dr. Clark recommends an easy-to-practice treatment by the use of low-frequency square waves which can, according to her findings, be used to kill parasites in the body. This pulsed current generated by the ZAPPER is hardly felt and completely harmless for human beings.

Compared to the relatively uncomplicated circuit recommended and published by Dr. Clark, our device is a clearly improved version, where however the principle has been adhered to.

Attention! Persons wearing a cardio stimulator and pregnant women may not use this device !

Advantages of our Zapper

* Not just one frequency, thus according to experience, a higher degree of efficiency.
* The generated square wave frequency is adjustable at the electrodes to a maximum of appr. 9 Volt (current of the compound battery.
* Circuit monitoring: In case there was a cable break (or your hands were too dry), without a signal, you would not notice that the device is not active.
* Automatic switch-off
* Professionally-made electrodes (made by a company producing brass wind instruments); precise technical execution, safe connection. Not just a simple piece of copper tubing mounted on alligator clips. There are good reasons why door handles are made of brass!
* Plastic case, very handy and with wear-resistant lining (not made of cheap Styrofoam which crumbles and decomposes into annoying little globules).
* On request, gold-plated hand electrodes can be supplied against additional charge.

Literature Hulda Clark Zappers

* Dr. Clark - The Cure For All Diseases, New Century Press, San Diego, CA, USA
* Dr. Clark - The Cure For HIV & AIDS, New Century Press, San Diego, CA, USA
* Dr. Clark - The Cure For All Cancers, New Century Press, San Diego, CA, USA
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These books are available in the book trade or in the internet at this address:

Handboek Zelfgezezing van Huld Clark

Hulda Clark Zappers -- Bloedzapper Bob Beck -- Natriumbicarbonaat -- Prebiotica -- Colonlife -- Colloidaal Zilver -- LCD Minizapper -- Colonlife Kanker is een schimmel is een boek geschreven door Dr Simoncini ISBN 88-87-24108-2